Athanasios Vasilakos

“Rewired made me a successful trader. After the Rewired process (that I am still doing on a daily basis) I improved a lot in my psychology. I feel very calm, extremely confident and I can improve any section on my life.”

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Serhat Yildirim

“I can say that Rewired has helped massively in the process of me passing my FFX Fund assessment.

Additionally it has also helped me maintain my fund during periods of losses as I was able to stay calm and behave like a 7 figure trader.”

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Theofilos Kotseli

“You will wake up one day after listening to it on repeat and everything will make sense. If you don’t know what’s holding you back and you think you know everything, join as soon as possible!”

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Danielle Bromfield

“Rewired helped me figure out what parts of my programming are no longer benefiting me and how to rewire this old programming into new thought patterns and behaviours that benefit and compliment the mindset needed for trading.”

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Yasin Mohamed

“My trading performance has improved dramatically. I am not overly emotional while in positions, losses do not feel like attacks to my ability and I am not attaching my self worth to my trading results.”

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Harry Sawdon

“My first impression was that I loved the audio delivery and the fact it felt like Mark & I were really going through the program and exercises together.”

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