"Rewired made me a successful trader. After the Rewired process (that I am still doing on a daily basis) I improved a lot in my psychology. I feel very calm, extremely confident and I can improve any section on my life."
Rewired student Athanasios Vasilakos

Athanasios Vasilakos

🎓 About Athanasios:

I have a background in Casino Management, studying and working as a casino manager. I have also run my own business in the tourism sector and food supply in a high volume.

I have been trading since 2017 but the last year I saw the drastic change in my trading and my psychology during, before and after trading. The reason is Rewired.

👉 What brought your attention to Forex trading?

I always had an interest in the markets. When I started it was easier to find a strategy and trade by your own (but not neccessarily profitable).

👉 What was your ‘a-ha’ moment when you realized the importance of psychology in trading?

I knew my trading strategy well, but for a reason I could not identify I wasn’t able to apply it on the correct time or form.

👉 What were your first impressions of Rewired upon enrolling?

I liked one by one all of the subjects. I felt that the topics covered are the most important ones and the areas that I need to improve if I want to be a high-level trader.

👉 How has Rewired impacted your trading performance?

After learning the Falcon strategy, Rewired made me a successful trader.

After Rewired process (I am still doing the entire process on a daily basis) I improved a lot in my psychology. I feel very calm, extremely confident and I can improve any section on my life.

👉 Would you recommend Rewired to other traders? And if yes, why?

100% yes.

If someone wants to be a successful trader and scale up, Rewired is mandatory. I even improved my life quality, I realized tons of things and changed the quality of the people I choose to be around me.

👉 Based on what you know now after enrolling in Rewired, would you agree that psychology is important even in the early stages?

100%, as the sooner you understand that psychology is 80-90% of your trading career as a successful trader, the earlier you will emphasise that. Then you will see yourself succeeding faster as well.

👉 What does the future look for you now that you have both your strategy and psychology on lockdown?

Any goal I have for my life just needs time and work to achieve. Everything is possible and all my dream can be reality.

👉 Any other comments:

If you want to be a better person, achieve all your dreams and have the mentality of a champion, invest in the Rewired program and you will be the best person you can be.

Be patient, put in the work and enjoy your life.

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