"My first impression was that I loved the audio delivery and the fact it felt like Mark & I were really going through the program and exercises together."
Harry Sawdon Rewired Program

Harry Sawdon

πŸŽ“ About Harry:

It’s quite challenging to write about myself because I’ve evolved so much over the last 5 years since being with Falcon and even more so the last 18-24 months of being involved in Rewired so the person I am now is very different but my passions remained pretty much the same.

I’m a very active person – I love adventure, seeing new places & being out in nature on a daily basis. I have an intense love for sports, literally any sport! I just enjoy the competition, the trials and tribulations it entails but most of all seeing the best of the best in their field perfect their craft over time.

Last thing I would say is I love a story, not like a book but more so an individual, hearing what they’ve been through, what shaped them, the good/the bad, how they broke through, the lessons, the impact they’ve had… all of it!

πŸ‘‰ What brought your attention to Forex trading?

Initially I got into trading thinking I could follow signals from my phone & make an extra couple grand a year to fund my life & maybe the odd holiday… boy how that’s changed!

πŸ‘‰ What was your ‘a-ha’ moment when you realized the importance of psychology in trading?

It actually came from pain, I couldn’t understand the importance of psychology because I had the belief that losses wouldn’t effect me emotionally if I was a good technical trader. It took me years, even with my mentor telling me the importance of it weekly.

Eventually after the frustration and pain of poor trading results & performance, I reviewed my back testing results side by side with my live trading performance, the difference was shocking, so what was the difference? The emotions/psychological element were present in one & not the other, this was that a-ha moment.

πŸ‘‰ What were your first impressions of Rewired upon enrolling?

The creator is my mentor so I knew the quality & standard of content/knowledge I would be receiving would be exceptional. However, my first impression was that I loved the audio delivery and the fact it felt like Mark & I were really going through the program and exercises together.

πŸ‘‰ How has Rewired impacted your trading performance?

I know I still have loads of room for growth which excites me but thus far my emotional management both pre, during & post trade is night and day difference, not just since I joined the program but each time I revisit it.

Even if there are times I feel a certain emotion I now have the tools to overcome it quickly & correctly. I don’t feel anxious looking at the charts, I no longer see the market as threatening. How I approach the charts & perform from a good state of flow has drastically improved.

Lastly, aligning and acting in accordance to the correct self image of a successful risk manager and asking myself what would this type of person do/react in my day to day life has ensured I make good quality decisions both in and out of trading that benefit my overall performance.

πŸ‘‰ Would you recommend Rewired to other traders? And if yes, why?

Absolutely, because whether we like to admit it or not psychology without a doubt the most important element of trading (could argue in any endeavour in life).

It’s this exact reason that you could have a trader with their mind right & an average strategy far outperform a trader with the best strategy in the world but a poor mindset.

πŸ‘‰ Based on what you know now after enrolling in Rewired, would you agree that psychology is important even in the early stages?

100% – just like mastering the basics of a strategy must be master the basics of how our mind operates.

πŸ‘‰ What does the future look for you now that you have both your strategy and psychology on lockdown?

I’m not the finished article yet but my future self is clearer & closer than ever before.

Acting in accordance with this individual has given me great confidence & focus to continue moving forward to achieving my goals and fulfilling my why.

πŸ‘‰ Any other comments:

Incredibly grateful to Mark & the team for compiling over a decade of not just knowledge but the application of that knowledge, into carefully positioned steps to mastering our mind.

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