"You will wake up one day after listening to it on repeat and everything will make sense. If you don't know what's holding you back and you think you know everything, join as soon as possible!"
Rewired student Theofilos Kotseli

Theofilos Kotseli

🎓 About Theofilos:

I joined Falcon FX early 2019. Before Falcon, I started with following trading signals, then tried to learn myself, then with a company that we just never clicked.

👉 What brought your attention to Forex trading?

Freedom, financial & geographical independence as well as the idea of being able to live life in my own terms.

👉 What was your ‘a-ha’ moment when you realized the importance of psychology in trading?

When I saw people with less time and experience than me moving forward and faster than me.

I reverse engineered the process in all people that made it into trading and I never found one that didn’t work on his/her mindset & self image.

👉 What were your first impressions of Rewired upon enrolling?

Curious to see what it was there for me and WHY Mark chose those 7 modules . What was in there that could make me a better trader?

👉 How has Rewired impacted your trading performance?

After listening Rewired modules on repeat, you realise self image is the #1 issue most traders will deal with. So I started fixing that, and my performance in trading improved through better emotional management, correcting error thoughts and creating new experiences through new thoughts, then new behaviours, new actions, etc.

👉 Would you recommend Rewired to other traders? And if yes, why?

I would only recommend Rewired to traders if they’re serious and open to learn themselves more.

Rewired is not a doctor or magic spell, but if you’re willing to work with yourself and be a student, you will wake up one day after listening it on repeat and everything will make sense. If you don’t know what’s holding you back and you think you know everything, join as soon as possible!

The sooner you join, the better because you will have less issues to fix with self image and being a “loser” in trading.

👉 Based on what you know now after enrolling in Rewired, would you agree that psychology is important even in the early stages?

Absolutely. Everything connects to everything else.

Technical knowledge needs to be built and put up to the base. That base, is your mindset.

Give a mentally weak trader the best trading plan and he will fail sooner or later. Give a mentally strong trader bad conditions and he will still come out of it profitable.

👉 What does the future look for you now that you have both your strategy and psychology on lockdown?

When you finally see the improvements in your mindset and you feel different when you trade, it’s then just a matter of time and market conditions to be successful.

The feeling is mostly excitement but bottled, I still have to apply everything that I’ve learned and stay humble when I start scaling up.

Future looks bright and somehow, it feels effortless than ever because now I know what I need to work on and how to approach almost everything.

👉 Any other comments:

You can very easily take Rewired, be casual with it and don’t see any difference. This is not just normal, it’s also common.

I recommend everyone to be super intentional with it, pay attention to the details. It’s not something you go over once and then forget. It’s a process you have to do forever, especially in the early stages or when something changes in your life.

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