"My trading performance has improved dramatically. I am not overly emotional while in positions, losses do not feel like attacks to my ability and I am not attaching my self worth to my trading results."
Yasin Mohamed Rewired Program

Yasin Mohamed

🎓 About Yasin:

I started trading in 2020 knowing nothing about forex. The first place I learnt to trade was with falcon trading guidance and I have been enjoying the journey ever since. I have worked many jobs in my working career but my passion is in trading and entrepreneurship.

👉 What brought your attention to Forex trading?

What brought me to forex was the freedom it can unlock for myself and my family. Not being dependent on others or a 9-5. The freedom of time, where to live, how to live my life was the main appeal.

👉 What was your ‘a-ha’ moment when you realized the importance of psychology in trading?

I had lost 2 funded accounts and when I looked back at how my psychology was at that time, I wasn’t behaving like I normally would.

I was overly emotional while in trades, I would be overly upset when I miss a position and I would be overly happy when I win a position. I realised this emotional volatility is not sustainable and not helping me progress as a trader.

👉 What were your first impressions of Rewired upon enrolling?

My first impressions of Rewired showed me that there was more to trading than technical analysis. It made me understand that I am the asset so I need to understand how my mind works and to learn how to think like a successful trader.

The modules have been set up to help you identify where your issues may lie. Then how to address them and how to move forward as the best possible, most complete version of yourself.

👉 How has Rewired impacted your trading performance?

My trading performance has improved dramatically. I am not overly emotional while in positions and losses do not feel like attacks to my ability.

I am also not attaching my self worth to my trading results which has allowed me to enjoy trading a lot more and has resulted in me reaching profitability and scaling up to 6 figures of trading capital and incrementally scaling up further.

Even if I wasn’t trading this capital, the self confidence I have gained is helping me make the correct trading decisions in and out of the markets.

👉 Would you recommend Rewired to other traders? And if yes, why?

I would recommend Rewired to every trader.

The majority of traders do not succeed. We also know that the majority of traders only focus on technical analysis and not on becoming the asset. There is a correlation.

The mind is so powerful and we need to learn how to think like the successful traders. That is what Rewired helps us to do and I have seen the success that comes with Rewired in myself, my brothers and other traders in the community – there is nothing I recommend more.

👉 Based on what you know now after enrolling in Rewired, would you agree that psychology is important even in the early stages?

I agree.

When coming into learning how to trade you will naturally bring your old thought patterns into the market.

The ones that succeed in trading have understood that these conventional thought patterns do not help you in an unconventional profession like trading.

Rewired will help the new trader unwire out those old thought patterns so they can start fresh into trading ultimately speeding up the journey and making it a lot more enjoyable and sustainable.

👉 What does the future look for you now that you have both your strategy and psychology on lockdown?

Now that I understand my technicals to a good level, now that I have full confidence in myself as the asset, the one in the drivers seat, I am ready to scale up further and make all my dreams a reality.

I understand that as I develop as a person and as a trader I will need to keep my psychology in check and keep using what I have learnt in Rewired to reach even higher levels. The vision is so clear. It’s time to execute and make it happen.

👉 Any other comments:

Rewired has helped me accept and move past alot of the issues and emotional baggage I have had in the past. I couldn’t be happier with the person I have become and the person I am becoming

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